Friday, 21 February 2014

Whiteley Clinic research at The American Venous Forum 2014

Prof Mark Whiteley presenting a new mechanism of action of the MOCA
(Clarivein) device and showing why it is more effective than Foam Sclerotherapy in varicose veins

Salil Patel - Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellow 2013 - presenting his research
into foam sclerotherapy and how foam can be made more stable and safer 

Alex Ostler - Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellow 2013 - with her
research poster on PAVA - a new sort of varicose vein first described at The Whiteley Clinic

Briony Hudson - Whiteley Clinic PhD student with The University of Surrey - with her research poster on how to reduce anxiety and pain in patients having varicose vein surgery

Scott dos Santos - Whiteley Clinic research co-ordinator 2013-4 - with his
research poster on why duplex ultrasound is essential in diagnosing pelvic varicose veins 

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