Thursday, 13 February 2014

Whiteley Clinic varicose veins research at American Venous Forum

Next week at the American venous forum in New Orleans, researchers from The Whiteley Clinic will be presenting their latest research into varicose veins, the causes of varicose veins and the best treatments of varicose veins.
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On the morning of Wednesday, 19 February, Prof Mark Whiteley will be presenting at a Vascular Insights breakfast meeting:

  • "Investigating the Mechanism of Action of MOCA (Clarivein) using Histology and Immunofluorescence" - Prof Mark Whiteley

Later on in the same morning, Salil Patel (Whiteley clinic summer research fellow 2013) will present his paper at the main scientific meeting:

  • "The Effects of Altitude, Temperature, Gas to Sclerosants Ratio, Air vs 50:50 mixture of CO2 and O2, Foam Volume, Presence of Silicon and Consecutive uses of Syringes on the Longevity of Tessari made Foam for Sclerotherapy." SB Patel, AE Ostler, TM Pirie, MS Whiteley

In addition on the Wednesday, a multicentre study which included the Whiteley Clinic as a centre for using the new Venaseal "Superglue" for varicose veins will be presented:

  • "12 months follow-up of the European multicentre study on cyanoacrylate embolisation of incompetent great saphenous veins." - TM Proebstle, J Alm, S Dimitri, L Rasmussen, M Whiteley, J Lawson, A Davies; University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany, Dermatoligikum, Hamburg, Germany, The Countess of Chester Hospital, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Danish Vein Centers, Naestved, Denmark, The Whiteley Clinic, Guildford, United Kingdom, Skin and Vein Clinic Oosterwal, Alkmaar, Netherlands, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.

Scott Dos Santos (Whiteley Clinic research coordinator) has a poster accepted for the meeting:

  • "Ovarian Vein Diameter Cannot be Used as an Indicator of Ovarian Venous Reflux" - SJ Dos Santos, JM Holdstock, CC Harrison, AJ Lopez, MS Whiteley 

Alexandra Ostler (Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow 2013) also has a poster accepted for the meeting:

  • "Primary Avalvular Varicose Anomalies (PAVA) - A naturally occurring phenomenon that might be misdiagnosed as neovascular tissue in recurrent varicose veins." AE Ostler, JM Holdstock, CC Harrison, TJ Fernandez-Hart, MS Whiteley

and Briony Hudson, Ph.D. student at the University of Surrey and The Whiteley Clinic has had a randomised controlled study accepted as a poster for the meeting:

  • "Randomised Controlled Trial Exploring The Effects Of Intra-operative Distraction During Ambulatory Venous Surgery on Immediate and Three Month Outcomes." B Hudson, J Ogden, MS Whiteley 

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