Thursday, 12 March 2009

10 year celebrations of new varicose veins surgery

Last night, The Whiteley Clinic hosted a surprise party for me and Judy Holdstock, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of performing the first keyhole operation for varicose veins in the UK. From that operation has sprung the whole revolution of the new walk-in walk-out vein surgery in the UK.

The whole of The Whiteley Clinic team were there - including Mr Barrie Price, consultant vascular surgeon and Mrs Charmaine Harrison, vascular technologist, and Vicki Smith(

They were joined by many guests including:

Steph Cook MBE, olympic gold medalist in Sydney in the modern pentathalon - who used to be a research fellow at The Whiteley Clinic (see picture below)
Professor Brian Allyson and his wife
Mr Bryn Edwards and his wife
Miss Sovra Whitcroft - consultant gynaecologist of The Surrey Park Clinic (
Dr Tony Lopez - consultant radiologist of The Imaging Clinic (
and many other friends.

I was also most touched that my brothers and sister travelled many miles to join me - Kim Jago, David Whiteley and Dr Andrew Whiteley.

Lastly my 3 beautiful daughters also took time away from their exams to join us for our celebrations - Emily, Alice and Lucy.

The evening was a splendid affair with a fine address by Mr Barrie Price, and very funny speech by Dr Tony Lopez and a heartfelt talk from Judy Holdstock who has spent 10 years of her life working with me to perfect our techniques.

The clinic staff put on some wonderful arrangements including a montage of all the press articles about me and The Whiteley Clinic over the last 10 years - and fantastic food was provided by the Michelin Star restaurant - Drakes on the Pond (

A lovely evening finished early enough for me to get ready for a day of operating today and a video for the BBC online this morning about our new Laser Sweat Ablation operation.

To see more photos please click on link:

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