Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Laser Sweat Ablation - LSA

Yesterday (9th March 2009) I performed the first Laser Sweat Ablation (LSA) operation in the UK at The Whiteley Clinic, Guildford.

The procedure had been announced in The Mail on Sunday on 8th March followed by the Telegraph website and in the Daily Star on Monday 9th March.

The laser sweat ablation procedure was invented by a brilliant plastic surgeon in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Dr Guillermo Blugerman who pioneered it in 2002. Guillermo is on the left of this picture.

He runs the B&S Clinica ( and he trained me in his procedure when I visited his clinic in 2008.

The operation went very well and the patient, Richard, walked home shortly after it.

The procedure was filmed and a reporter from the Surrey Advertiser was present throughout it.

Richard is going back to work on Thursday - 2 and a half days after the operation.

I explained about the operation live on BBC radio Essex this morning and was on Radio Southern Counties on Drive-Time today.


  1. Hi
    I am a swedish dentist interested in learning LSA
    in UK or in Argentina.Do you organise courses and if yes when and where?
    My e-mail is and please give me any information.

    Kindly regards dr libisz

  2. Thank you for your question - We will be announcing courses later this year when we are confident that the procedure is reproducible in other hands.

    Mark Whiteley


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