Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dr Chan Tung Fei, Tony - Finished his endovenous observation course at The Whiteley Clinic

Dr. Chan Tung Fei (Dr Tony Chan) from Hong Kong completed his endovenous and LSA observation course today at The Whiteley Clinic through The Clinical Exchange (

Dr Chan Tung Fei, Tony and Mr Mark Whiteley on the completion of Dr Chan's course
Dr Chan came from Hong Kong and spent a week at The Whiteley Clinic learning our venous Duplex Ultrasound techniques and protocols, our endovenous Techniques and the LSA operation for Axillary Hyperidrosis.

Included in the course are lectures on the new understanding of venous reflux and endovenous techniques - as well as teaching DVDs in our techniques made by The Clinical Exchange.

We look forwards to hearing how Dr Chan Tung Fei gets on with his new knowledge. We encourage all of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who attend courses at The Whiteley Clinic and The Clinical Exchange to keep in contact with us to ask questions and advice in the future and so we can keep them updated with new research and techniques as they are developed. 

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