Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Understanding venous reflux ..." - Book available for pre-order on Amazon

"Understanding Venous Reflux - The Cause of Varicose Veins and Venous Leg Ulcers" by Mark Whiteley is now available for pre-order at Amazon:

This book is written in a simple style, taking the reader through how veins work, how they go wrong and what problems they can cause.

It explains why all of the "old wives tales" are wrong (such as "women get varicose veins more than men"; or "varicose veins are only cosmetic and can safely be left alone" etc.) and allows members of the public to understand what is going wrong with their veins - and teaches health professionals the latest understanding of venous reflux disease.

With almost one in two people having venous problems, this subject touches almost everyone. If you aren't going to get vein problems, the chances are someone close to you is!

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