Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Failure of Clarivein Treatment at 2 months - done elsewhere

Last year, we expressed our concerns about the Clarivein Technique for treating varicose veins (

Today we had a patient come to see us, who had been to a clinic in London and had a Clarivein Procedure to her left leg, on the advice of her consultant vascular surgeon. Two months after paying for Clarivein privately there, she had noticed varicose veins still in her calf (se photos) and so came to The Whiteley Clinic to have an expert second opinion.

Left leg - 2 months after having had Clarivein treatment elsewhere in London - veins seen to be returning.
Small varicose vein strating to reapear in mid calf only 2 months of having had Clarivein treatment elsewhere
As with all of our patients, this young lady had a high resolution Duplex Ultrasound of her veins which showed that the left Great Saphenous Vein that had been "treated" by Clarivein was widely open with no sign of any daage at all.

Duplex Ultrasound picture showing the incomtent Great Sahenous Vein that had been "closed" by Clarivein treatment 2 months previously elsewhere - Ultrasound shows vei had opened up again and now needs to be treated with RFiTT or EVLeS as part of The Whiteley Protocol. 

The Duplex Ultrasound scan confirmed the clinical suspicion that the Clarivein procedure had failed after only 2 months. The poor patient now needs her veins to be treated all over again - however as she has come to The Whiteley Clinic, she will undergo treatment by The Whiteley Protocol and the vein will be closed under local anaesthetic with RFiTT or EVLeS.

Looking at our concerns about Clarivein last year, we asked the manufactures 2 questions at that time - but we were told that they would not send the information as it was sensitive in view of a patent application.

As we were asking for clinical data which would indicate to us that the Clarivein system might work, and not for any technical data about the product or procedure, we found this an "interesting" response.

Since then, we do have the Clarivein technique available at The Whiteley Clinic for anyone who rally wants it - but we explain that we are doubtful that it will be a successful as RFiTT (Radiofrequency) nor the Radioal Firing EVLeS (Laser) which have so far shown us the best results for veins.

As such Clarivein will not be included in The Whiteley Protocol and we would only use it on patients who insist on having it - and who sign a consent that they understand we do not recommend it.

We suspect we will be seeing more vein that open again after the Clarivein procedure and would be very interested in knowig about any patient who has had Clarivein and has seen their veins or symptoms return.

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