Wednesday, 27 February 2013

American Venous Forum 2013 - Wednesday 27th February

The Whiteley Clinic is involved in 2 major research papers being presented this afternoon at The American Venous Forum 25th Anniversary Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lecture Hall in The Wigwam Resort where the American Venous forum is being held this afternoon
Wednesday 27th February - Whiteley Clinic involved in 2 research papers being presented
At 4 pm local time, Mark Whiteley will be presenting research performed by Alice Whiteley as part of her Whiteley Clinic Summer Research Fellowship 2013:
  • Pelvic Venous reflux is a Major Cause of Recurrent Varicose Veins in More Than a Quarter of Women   
    A M Whiteley, D C Taylor, M S Whiteley
Also, Mark Whiteley and The Whiteley Clinic are involved in another study to be presented at 4:45pm local time:
  • The European Multicenter Study on Cyanoacrylate Embolization of Refluxing Great Saphenous Veins Without Tumescent Anaesthesia And Without Compression Therapy
    T M Proebstle, J Alm, L Rasmussen, S Dimitri, J Lawson, M Whiteley, I J Franklin, A H Davies 

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