Friday, 22 February 2013

Chris Evans' varicose veins on Jeremy Vine - Radio 2

Today on Radio 2, Jeremy Vine talked about Varicose Veins.

Chris Evans, disc jockey, has been talking about his varicose veins now for a couple of years, and the picture below was posted on Facebook saying they were his: 
Picture from Facebook posted as Chris Evans' varicose veins
We have contacted Chris's team several times explaining the new local anaesthetic procedures and the excellent results that we have now shown from The Whiteley Protocol.

Looking at the picture above, he does have a risk of superficial thrombophlebitis, which will be painful and will make the treatment harder - and is more likely to leave brown stains in the future.

His best way forwards is to have a venous duplex scan in the near future and then have endovenous treatment under local anaesthetic ... our approach and results can be seen next Monday on Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 9pm.

Chris's team has never got back to us - I hope he gets the best treatment before he gets thrombophlebitis.

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