Monday, 25 February 2013

I-Cloud finds lost I-Phone in Terminal 5

When about to leave the UK, there are few things more frustrating than losing your mobile phone at the airport.

You can remember using it before check-in, but haven't seen it since. After the hassles of emptying your laptop and taking your belt off in security, you really want to sit and have a coffee - that is when you find the mobile has gone and panic starts ......

This almost happened to me today. Having sat down in Terminal 5, I went to check e-mails on my i-phone to find it had gone .....

The BA service desk tried to phone it - and no-one answered.

I ran back to security - and no-one had seen it.

Remembering the i-cloud, I switched on my laptop and used the "Find My I-Phone" icon:

I-cloud screen locating lost i-phone at security gates in Terminal 5, Heathrow
Phone had fallen beneath machine - but "Play Sound" alerted staff who found it 
Amazingly, the i-cloud showed the position of the i-phone. Checking with staff in Terminal 5, it looked like it should be in the security area ... even though they hadn't found it.

Then a second feature of the i-cloud saved the day. Clicking on the "Play Sound" icon over and over again, a member of security staff heard it and found the i-phone where it had fallen from the x-ray belt, under the machinery.

Having left information as to where I was sitting in the Terminal, the BAA staff put out a message for me and I was re-united with my i-phone .....

Having spent a fraught 30 minutes running around the Terminal before I thought of using the i-cloud, planning how to cancel the phone and how to claim on insurance, I realise the immense value of the i-cloud locator.

Even more, even if the locator had shown that the i-phone had been taken and was heading away down the M25, the i-cloud would have let me erase it remotely.

To say I am an Apple convert is an understatement :-)

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