Monday, 24 June 2013

Majority of leg ulcers are curable by local anaesthetic surgery

A research paper showing the experience of patients with leg ulcers over 12 years has been published by Charlotte Thomas of The Whiteley Clinic in Phlebology.

12 years of experience of using the Whiteley Protocol showed 85% of leg ulcers were permanently
cured using local anaesthetic, walk-in / walk-out, pin-hole surgery

Charlotte was a Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow who, for her research project, looked at the results of all patients coming to The Whiteley Clinic with leg ulcers over a 12 year period.

All had been undergoing compression bandaging and had been told that they were not suitable for a surgical cure.

Phlebology - The peer review journal for venous disease
 In contrast to what their ulcer services had told them, 85% were cured after undergoing treatment at The Whiteley Clinic using The Whiteley Protocol - and 52% didn't need any compression stockings ever again!

Patients with leg ulcers have a miserable life that affects them, their loved ones and entails large on-going costs over years.

Curing leg ulcers results in better quality of life of the affected patients and their families - and would work out much cheaper after only a year or so when compared to dressings and compression bandaging.

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