Sunday, 30 June 2013

Prof Mark Whiteley - "you won't find anyone better in the UK"

In this Saturday's The Times Magazine, leading beauty expert Sarah Vines wrote a 4 page "Beauty Special" (29th June 2013 p 52 - 55).

In this article she quotes Professor Mark Whiteley for the treatment of leg Thread Veins stating that his "approach is forensic".
Image of Sarah Vines' first page of her "Beauty Special"
(Image blurred on purpose for reasons of copyright - please contact The Times for a copy if required)
She explains about the sequence of investigations and treatments and states that for getting rid of leg thread veins "... you won't find anyone better in the UK."

Full article: (you will be asked to subscribe to The Times to see full article - but you will then have full access to The Times newspaper)
For more information about thread veins see:

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