Thursday, 27 June 2013

Whiteley Clinic varicose vein research presented in Serbia

Venous researchers from The Whiteley Clinic are presenting their studies and results over the next 3 days at the European Venous Forum (EVF) in Belgrade, Serbia.

On Friday 28th June:

Judy Holdstock - chief vascular technologist - will be presenting her work about pelvic varicose veins causing haemorrhoids (piles) and asking the question whether vein experts (phlebologists) should be treating patients with haemorrhoids rather than bowel surgeons:
  • Pelvic vein reflux is associated with haemorrhoids in one third of cases. should haemorrhoids be treated by phlebologists?
    JM Holdstock, CC Harrison, T Fernandez-Hart, BA Price, MS Whiteley
    The Whiteley Clinic
Then Professor Mark Whiteley will be presenting a study performed by Alice Whiteley, a Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow from 2012 who unfortunately couldn't get to this conference:
  •  Pelvic venous reflux is a major contributory cause of recurrent varicose veins in more than a quarter of women
    AM Whiteley, DC Taylor, MS Whiteley
    The Whiteley Clinic
On Saturday 29th June:

Daniel Taylor, a Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow from 2012 will be presenting his prize winning research:
  • Ten year results of radiofrequency ablation (VNUSClosure) of the great saphenous in the treatment of varicose veins
    DC Taylor, AM Whiteley, TJ Fernandez-Hart, MS Whiteley


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