Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mirror article on Superglue for Varicose Veins features Prof Mark Whiteley

New treatments of varicose veins was featured in the Mirror today in the UK.

Professor Mark Whiteley, the first person in the UK to perform endovenous surgery back in 1999, and an outspoken critic of the old "stripping" of veins, is featured in the article. 

Professor Mark Whiteley explains about endovenous (keyhole) surgery
for Varicose Veins - and the new local anaesthetic superglue technique
Mark Whiteley explains the new laser and radiofrequency techniques his team uses - and shows the new "superglue" or Venaseal technique which uses far few injections.

One of his patients is interviewed explaining the excellent results she has had from the "Superglue" technique.

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