Thursday, 21 November 2013

False aneurysm in groin after EVLA treatment for varicose veins - a rare complication

Any complication after EVLA laser treatment for varicose veins is rare when done in a specialist vein clinic.

However we have just published a fascinating case of an extremely rare complication.

Arterial false aneurysm in the groin following endovenous laser ablation
Ostler AE, Holdstock JM, Harrison CC, Whiteley MS.
Following EVLA treatment, our patient developed a tense "pseudoanerysm" in the groin - bleeding from a local artery.

At The Whiteley Clinic we have an emergency telephone system and so the patient was able to come straight back again. Our specialist vascular technologists were able to identify the precise cause of the problem and the patient was cured by injection of a drug to help clotting and precise pressure on the bleeding vessel by the duplex ultrasound probe.

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