Saturday, 30 November 2013

Leg Ulcer Charity website launched

The Leg Ulcer Charity is a new UK charity whose mission is to reduce the number of patients in the UK with leg ulcers.
Leg Ulcer Charity website launched -

Research over the last decade has shown that most leg ulcers can be cured by proper investigations and local anaesthetic endovenous surgery.

Unfortunately, most patients only get offered bandages and dressings which might temporarily improve or heal the leg ulcer .... but as they do not affect the underlying causes, do not cure the problem in the long term. Hence the ulcer returns.

Using proper modern medical investigations, specialists can find the underlying cause of the leg ulcer in the majority of patients and permanently fix it - curing the leg ulcer for good.

The Leg Ulcer Charity has been set up to:

  1. EMPOWER patients, family and carers to ask for the right investigations and treatments to get a cure of a leg ulcer
  2. RESEARCH new leg ulcer investigations, treatments and effects that having a leg ulcer has on patients, family and society
  3. EDUCATE doctors and nurses to now about new methods to cure leg ulcers permanently
  4. Provide GRANTS to patients needing help to get their leg ulcer investigated and treated 

Any donations or sponsorship can be made through the website.

The Leg Ulcer Charity Website:

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