Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ultrasound best to assess pelvic varicose veins - Whiteley Clinic research presented at the VSS

Scott dos Santos, the Whiteley Clinic research co-ordinator, presented an original research study last evening at the national meeting of the Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Scott dos Santos, Whiteley Clinic research co-ordinator presenting
a paper at the Vascular Surgical Society, Nov 2013 

Scott's research study showed that when assessing pelvic varicose veins in women, the trans-vaginal ultrasound scan is the Gold Standard test.

Many doctors still use MRI, CT or venograms - however this research suggests that these other tests will leave some patients with incorrect diagnosis and that might lead to the wrong or incomplete treatment.

This research has been submitted for publication so that other doctors and clinics can use the findings of The Whiteley Clinic's research efforts.

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