Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jade Davidson performs hand reflexology during complex varicose vein surgery on TV

During the filming for TV of a patient having her complex varicose veins treated today at The Whiteley Clinic, Jade Davidson performed hand reflexology to reduce the patient's anxiety and discomfort.
Jade Davidson, expert reflexologist, performs hand reflexology to
help patient during complex varicose vein surgery at The Whiteley Clinic
Jade has been working with Professor Mark Whiteley over the last 2 years and is current just finishing a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) to investigate whether hand reflexology reduces pain and anxiety during local anaesthetic endovenous surgery.

The results from this study will be available in 2014.

During the filming of our case today for TV, Jade performed her hand reflexology on the patient, helping her through the procedure.



  1. Brilliant to see new research on reflexology, so much great research has been stopped due to funding so im looking forward to these results.

  2. Thank you Joanne,
    Yes - this research was funded by The Whiteley Clinic and is a full RCT (Randomised Controlled Trial).
    As such, the results should be published in peer reviewed journals and this should really help people (especially doctors) take Reflexology more seriously.
    Jade Davidson has done a fantastic job over the last couple of years and it is clear that our patients have a far better experience with the hand reflexology than without it.
    Once we have completed the study (early next year) we will be presenting it internationally and nationally at research meetings and publishing it.
    Please look out for the announcements on this blog - when published it will be good for reflexologists to take to their local doctors to suggest combined working in certain fields.
    With best wishes


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