Friday, 5 April 2013

Charing Cross Symposium 2013 - Prof Mark Whiteley speaking and teaching

Charing Cross Symposium 2013, 6-9 April 2013
Mark Whiteley teaching on Office Based Veins Course
and Lecturing on Tuseday 9th
Prof Mark Whiteley will be teaching the new Venaseal Glue clossure of veins by Sapheon on the Charing Cross Office Based Veins Course on Monday 8th April.

He will then be lecturing on Clarivein on Monday evening.

On Tuesday, Mark will be giving an lecture at 11:00 am:
  • Pelvic vein incompetence – the facts!Mark Whiteley, Guildford, United Kingdom
followed by being invited chariman for a session on deep vein reconstruction that afternoon
  • Chairman:Mark Whiteley, Guilford, United Kingdom

Main Program: Click Here
Faculty:  Click Here
Office based veins course: Click here

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