Friday, 12 April 2013

So you want to publish a Medical or Health Book? - Whiteley Publishing Ltd

Publishing books on medicine or health can be difficult as many people want to publish and the potential market can be small. As such, many large publishers shy away from medical and health authors.
"So You Want To Be Published?" -
Article about Whiteley Publishing in Independent Practitioner Today
Whiteley Publishing was set up by Professor Mark Whiteley and Emily Whiteley to help those interested in medical or health issues to get their books published easily and with no cost to the author.

Moreover, the author earns royalties from the very first book sold.

March Independent Practitioner Today
Whiteley Publishing respects the right of their authors and so the copyright of any book published through Whiteley Publishing Ltd resides with the Author. Whiteley Publishing does NOT require the copyright to be transferred. Our authors keep control of their own hard work.

Whiteley Publishing Ltd
If you are interested in publishing through Whiteley Publishing Ltd, or know someone who is, please contact us through:

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