Thursday, 11 April 2013

Post pregnancy varicose veins misdiagnosed - Mark Whiteley in Prima and BabyExpert website

Over the last 12 years, Professor Mark Whiteley and his team have developed a deep understanding of pelvic veins reflux - and how this causes vulval, vaginal and leg varicose veins - as well as pelvic congestion syndrome and haemorrhoids.

Their world leading research into pelvic veins is being presented at academic meetings all over the world.

Mark Whiteley in Prima Baby and Pregnancy Magazine
This month, Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine features an article on Mark and his team, explaining how most doctors who treat women with varicose veins rarely check the pelvic veins - with the result that many get their veins back again!!

Mark Whiteley on the BabyExpert website -
The website also has information about how veins can be misdiagnosed in women who have had babies if the doctors do not scan the pelvis for the causes of hidden varicose veins within the pelvis.

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