Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Daily Mail - Male Varicose Veins featuring Mark Whiteley

Today there is an excellent article on Varicose Veins in men in The Daily Mail by John McEntee and featuring Mark Whiteley.
Varicose veins affect men at least as commonly as women
Mark Whiteley in The Daily Mail
It discusses the fact hat although most people think that varicose veins affect women predominantly, research has shown that at least as many men - in not more - get varicose veins. They just don't go to doctors to get treated.

Te article also points out that both the NHS and private medical insurers are trying to get out of paying for varicose vein treatments. It is harder and harder to get varicose veins treated on the NHS or under private insurance - meaning that varicose vein treatments are becoming something that people need to pay for themselves.

As such such, it would be sensible for patients needing varicose vein surgery to make sure that they go to the paces with the best outcomes - which might not be the cheapest.

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