Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Teaching endovenous surgery remotely - UK to Australia

Last night, Mark Whiteley conducted a 4 hour series of lectures and teaching remotely from The Clinical Exchange in The Whiteley Clinic (Guildford, UK) to a group of trainees in Australia.

Mark Whiteley lecturing on endovenous Surgery in the UK, teaching
a group of Australians live via a remote link 
As The Whiteley Clinic is the Angiodynamics International Training Centre, Mark Whiteley and his team usually run workshops and training in Guildford in the UK or at International Vein Meetings.

However, Mark Whiteley and Matt Jago have also set up a clinical training unit - The Clinical Exchange - allowing remote teaching to anywhere in the world.

The set up at The Clinical Exchange to allow live teaching remotely.
Live operations can also be performed and transmitted remotely 
Through the Clinical Exchange, lectures, tutorials and even operations can be performed live, with the audience able to ask questions or comment during the teaching.

Mark Whiteley in the UK (left) teaching a group of Australians (right)
remotely via The Clinical Exchange - The Slides appear underneath 
The Clinical Exchange is available to make promotional or educational videos, or to run live remote teaching and operating to anywhere in the world.

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