Sunday, 13 January 2013

Limericks for The Whiteley Clinic

We were sent this by a satisfied patient last week:

Limericks for Whiteley Clinic

(written by a satisfied patient)
I attend a good clinic named Whiteley
My aim is to come out more spritely
Ops on legs left and right
So that they both might
Look less horrid and very unsightly!
My Doctor is called Barrie Price
He is very charming and nice
He removed with great pains
My varicose veins
First the right leg, then left, now that's twice!
A lovely young help, Sam's the name
Friendly and warm all the time
She refused to take breaks
Of coffee and cakes
Yet works just as hard all the same
A theatre assistant called June
She loves to play a good tune
She liked to rehearse
(is also a nurse)
Whose dream is to play on the moon!
Susan's a theatre sister
For BP who's the big surgeon mister
She cleans and she swabs
Does all sorts of jobs
If she left the clinic would miss her.
There is a bank nurse called Christine
Who was also part of the team
She played my CD
Bought me cups of tea
Now I wonder what's really her dream?
Judy is one fine technician
The ultrasound wand is her weapon
She's by no means a geek
Got married last week
A very good expert magician.
Now started I can't seem to stop
Keep going until I do drop?
Let's call it a day
Ah hip hip hooray
Not exactly the cream of the crop!

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