Saturday, 12 January 2013

Low Carb Recipe Book reviewed in "Glossy" Magazine

A low carb, grain free and naturally gluten free recipe book published by Whiteley Publishing is featured in The Green Parent magazine this month.

Back to Natural Eating by Emily Jane Whiteley
Reviewed in The Green Parent magazine February 2013

"Back to Natural Eating" by Emily Jane Whiteley has a whole page review in the magazine, as well as one of Emily's recipes for Vanilla cashew Pancakes.

Emily set up her company, Emily Jane's Foods having gone onto the Marshall Protocol having suffered from chronic ill-health. She was advised to stop eating sugars and refined carbohydrates - but she still wanted to enjoy food such as pizzas, brownies and ice cream.

So she set about developing ways to make these foods without using sugar - and using only natural products. She will not use artificial sweeteners.

Read about her in The Green Parent Magazine, Feb/March 2013 - available now in newsagents or through

Emily Janes Foods website:

Whiteley Publishing:

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