Sunday, 20 January 2013

What doctors won't do - Mark Whiteley in The Guardian Magazine

What Doctors won't do - was the major feature in the Guardian Weekend Magazine on 19th January 2013.

What Doctors won't do - Mark Whiteley explains why he wouldn't have vein stripping
when the new local anaesthetic vein treatments are so much better
Guardian Weekend Magazine - 19th Jan 2013
In this article, Mark Whiteley explains why he wouldn't have his varicose veins stripped under a general anaesthetic.

Not only is stripping more painful than the new endovenous techniques (like endovenous laser ablation - EVLA and radiofrequency ablation - RFA) but following stripping, there is a higher chance of the veins coming back again than after treatment of varicose veins using the new endovenous techniques.

In addition, no-one should have a general anaesthetic for the treatment of varicose veins anymore. Under general anaesthetic, there are higher risks of deep vein thrombosis than using local anaesthetic - and also of nerve damage as patients are unable to say if the procedure hurts.

For more information about why no-one should have vein stripping under general anaethetic any more, see

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